About us


Design Eternal started as an interior design service in 2007 helping homeowners and business owners around the country and the globe making the most of their design space.  Today it has evolved into the shopping website in order to make our vision and expertise more visible and approachable to everyone.  Our online store is dedicated to providing contemporary design-seekers with an easy and personalized shopping experience.  Through our years of experience we have become the design firm to provide modern, timeless designs.  Now, we continue the same design philosophy through a wider range of hand-picked products that represent our vision and expertise.  We offer products that are designed to last in style, durability and functionality.  We made it our mission to make all these great designs as affordable as possible in order to fit into every budget


In our interior design experience, we have worked with projects ranging from millions of dollars to only a few hundred dollars; in all cases we ensured that we delivered our promise and more. That is what we do:  we love design; we live for it. We strongly believe that good designs are made to last and should be available for everyone, regardless to their budget or space limitations.


Based on that, we have become not just a design firm, but also a retailer that provides the best and most affordable products and the best design advice and service under one name. You can simply purchase our products through our website, or you can email us with any questions or design advice that you may need.  We also provide interior design services for those that may need additional help with their selection or for those that need more of a comprehensive design service.


It’s our ultimate goal to provide the best customer service possible.  Once you allow us a chance to serve you, we will always go above and beyond to make sure that we deliver to you the best client service possible. Yes, we have a website that takes orders.  But be assured that every single order and every item we sell is thoroughly checked and approved by us. You are not a customer - you are a client.  And we plan to make you feel that way by providing you with the care and attention you deserve.


Welcome to Design Eternal!