PILLOW ST-006 Charcoal | White (Home)


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Manufacturer: Surya

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 Available Sizes: 18" x 18" , 22" x 22"
100% Jute 

Available Fills: Down and Poly-fiber

Zipper Closure


Surya's growing collection of fine textiles now includes hand crafted accent pillows, throws, and poufs. Developed to coordinate with some of Surya's best selling rugs, their quality pillows are exquisitely created in a myriad of colors ranging from subtle muted earth tones to vibrant and bold jewel tones. Layering, embroidery, and applied details make each of these pieces unique. Each pillow is constructed of varying materials such as cotton, wool, jute, linen, and velvet and is filled with either a poly-fiber or a down-feather blend insert. *Available in 2 sizes.

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